Why To Choose Bamboo Diapers Over Others?

Being a new parent is an excruciating task in itself. Couple it up with some of the most daunting tasks that define parenthood like that of changing diapers. Parenthood can be exciting but also pretty challenging. One of the major issues of concern is the diapers and which one of them is the most suitable for your toddler.

There’s also a slew of factors that go into making a definitive choice towards selecting the Best Eco-friendly diapers. As we progress to better options, more and more parents are slowly but gradually shifting towards bamboo diapers. Given below are some of the most important reasons why the shift to bamboo diapers is a must.

  • Ensuring that your little ones are safe from chemicals and toxins at all costs :

Babies are the best gift to parents. And there’s nothing that should hinder their safety. Safeguarding them is any parent’s priority. As more and more parents educate themselves about the harmful toxins and chemicals that are present in everyday items used by their toddlers, there’s a lot of disturbing facts that unveil.

It’s no new news that the generic diapers have recently come under fire for being laced with toxic chemicals and toxins that have been deemed dangerous for newborns. But worry no more as a simple switch to bamboo diapers solves the purpose. Bamboo diapers are completely free of dioxin, dye, phthalates and other such harsh chemicals.

These chemicals present in generic disposable diapers are of grave threat to toddlers. For specimen, Phthalates have been known for a long time for their endocrine-disrupting properties. They also have been reportedly causing serious health hazards. Further, additional chemicals may even accelerate crucial health conditions like cancer in the lengthy run.

  • There’s nothing happier than guaranteeing your baby dry, rash-free bottoms:

Bamboo diapers are known for their ability to absorb. When put against cotton used in generic diapers, they have a much higher absorption rate. The more the absorbing capacity, the more is the amount of liquid that is soaked and more dryness and comfort is provided to your baby’s delicate regions.

This guarantees that the baby stays dry and rash free. Bamboo diapers have a record of absorbing 70% more liquid than other disposable diapers. They also prevent the sagging of diapers ensuring hindrance free mobility to your babies.

  • Bamboo diapers are naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic.

Bamboo diapers are gifted with all these properties and hence they are efficient in keeping bacterial infection between your baby’s kicks, wiggles and squirms at bay. Also, because of the antibacterial properties, there’s a drastic decrease in the odour that’s formed.

The fabric promotes breathability and is perfect for overly sensitive babies given their status of being anti-allergic.

  • Bamboo diapers are biodegradable:

Regular disposable diapers have been recorded to take as much as about five centuries to decompose. That if put to debate is an immensely disturbing amount of carbon footprint for an insane amount of time.  Switching to bamboo diapers is an easier as well as an environmentally beneficial move.

The switch makes one emit less carbon footprint hazards behind enabling a better future for the kids. These diapers are known to take about 75 days to decompose and are a greener and eco-friendlier way of preserving the earth for a greener future that benefits future generations.

  • Bamboo diapers: the greener diapers.

Bamboo diapers are called greener diapers for a plethora of reasons. Bamboo crops are known for the multiple benefits that they have to offer to the environment. These crops can absorb more carbon dioxide than most other plants. Bamboo also is capable of growing without the need for chemical fertilisers, pesticides or even the need for irrigation.

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